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  As of November 26th, the alcoholic liquor ( 000799.SZ ) has had two consecutive limit. And in the major institutions in " plasticizer " quagmire at the same time, a company called the wealth of Anhui Industrial Investment Fund Management Limited company ( hereinafter referred to as the wealth of industry investment fund ) body, but in the alcoholic liquor " plasticizer " event before the onset of precision to escape the top.

  Prior to the two stage market trend display, alcoholic liquor, this year only one of the rare few牛股, its shares from the beginning of the year 22.10 yuan, all prices in October 19th to the highest 61.45 yuan when, one of the major institutions重仓therefore earn basin full earthen bowl is full.

  Notably, the wealth of industry investment fund is in the first quarter of this year has bought 6447800 shares of alcoholic liquor, and first appeared in the top ten shareholders list. Daily news show, the fund two quarter continue to holdings of 2356500 shares to 8804300 shares of alcoholic liquor, has become one of the company's largest shareholder.

  However, liquor three quarterly show, have large-scale Jiancang 's wealth of industry investment fund in September 30th, all selling liquor, out of the company before the ten major shareholders list.

  "Very strange, the Kuaijinkuaichu manipulation is not consistent with an investment fund style. " Shanghai a private who expressed.

  In the primary market and two class market at the same time accurate shot the mist behind, Yin Tongyue dominated the secret capital Kingdom has surfaced..