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  Chinese Academy of Social Sciences was released yesterday 2011 " Blue Book of corporate social responsibility ", the state-owned, private and foreign capital enterprise 100 strong social responsibility development level of the big top. Embarrassing is the enterprise, the average score is only 19.7 points, the 2/3 enterprises in the " on " position, more than eighty percent of A shares of listed corporate social responsibility report released failed.

  The state-owend enterprise 100 strong social responsibility is still in the initial stage, the average score is 32.8 points, nearly half the state-owned enterprises in the spectator; private enterprises hundred average is 13.3 points, most probably on foreign hundred; average is 12.5 points, nearly 80% of the spectator. ( the November 9th China Network)

  Have to say, this is a very frustrating results: more than 80 percent of the A shares of listed corporate social responsibility report released fail, civilian look forward to 100 % on top, is probably on foreign ... ... Such an embarrassing statistics rather than these enterprises face, might as well let the relevant government departments. Because when the majority of state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, foreign companies on corporate social responsibility chose to stand, be indifferent to it, can only show a problem: our social management in some aspects of a problem, and make enterprise lose dedication social responsibility issues.

  Corporate social responsibility is what? It is an enterprise to create profits for shareholders, legal liability while, undertake to employees, customers, community and environmental responsibility. Especially in the contemporary information society and the industrial society integration situation, is requests the enterprise beyond the profit as the only goal of the traditional concept, focus on building social responsibility, pay more attention to in the production process of the value of human attention, to consumer, environmental, contribution to society. It is a modern enterprise development basic "code of conduct " of the road, the western countries the majority of enterprises in the implementation of development also follow this idea -- benefit the people, to repay the society.

  " Orange is orange in Huainan, was born in Huaibei, why is the only " in western countries, fulfill the social responsibility of the enterprise of the foreign enterprises to China will appear then the lack of social responsibility, why do so many big-budget state-owned enterprises and private enterprises are also covered his purse to fulfill social responsibility, we is it right? Some of the concerns from enterprise to find out why.

  First of all, these enterprises lack the sense of social responsibility, a very main reason is afraid too. Should say, to an enterprise, through fulfilling social responsibility famous is a good thing, but in some of the current local micro environment, the social responsibility of the enterprise as far as too in place, may lead to other problems, such as the villages and towns government sponsorship, let you pay all roads " responsibility " to all, so many enterprises would choose not to charity, not the donor, a large gold, not to provoke such trouble.

  Secondly, because some enterprises annual financial report is not very clear, in corporate social responsibility activities, it is bound to involve some costs expenditure, how to handle financial articulation between the shareholders and the disagreement problem is very troublesome thing, many business executives or the spirit of it's better to save trouble. The purpose, " " doing things low-key.

  There is a current for the work of corporate social responsibility to do good business, relevant state preferential and incentive policies are not standardized, opaque, did not have a unified standard can be expected and many enterprises do not want social responsibility reasons. If the enterprise because in employment, social welfare, environmental protection respect has outstanding contribution, the government can pass the tax policies to encourage, and strictly prohibit all kinds of assessment and examination, so that enterprises can smoothly carry out daily production, I believe there will be many enterprises because of the preferential policy of " temptation " and actively participate in public welfare, charity, to social responsibility activities.

  When it comes to social responsibility, in accordance with the current grim obtain employment situation, if an enterprise can operate normally, maintain profit margins, solve part of the employment population, so that workers can promptly sent to the wages, the wage rise in wages, the author thinks, this is done to social responsibility. But those who by virtue of monopoly profits throwing money around " corporate social responsibility " of the large state-owned enterprises, to rethink the social responsibility as the water much, is it right? " The timely thin thin body ", give civilian look forward to some development of space and profit, so that they can divide a cup of a thick soup, a better solution city employment, better fulfill their social responsibilities, if it can be so, believe that the corporate responsibility statistical data is not like now so let 's face have a fever